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Schluter®-QUADEC is a finishing and edge protection profile for tiled edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces, and is distinguished by its squared reveal surface.

  • New! Now available in 10’ (3.05 m) lengths
  • Prevents tile edges from chipping
  • Can be incorporated as an accent within tile fields on floors and walls
  • Create modern decorative designs, interesting contrasts, and match with tile and grout
  • Combine with QUADEC-FS and/or DESIGNLINE for increased design options
  • QUADEC in stainless steel can be used as a stair nosing or floor transition profile
  • Now available in 9/32" (7 mm) height in stainless steel and brushed stainless steel
  • Available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, PVC, textured and color-coated aluminum
  • Also available in square check and leather texture finishes


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